ft in Boise Idaho

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Howdy all. Our local science toy/hobby store is carrying ft! Very exciting. Thought to share.

How does this compare to other local displays?

robvanbaal (22.5.2009, 20:21:03)

Hi Richard. That looks good! But are Americans willing to pay so much money for a German building kit? Especially in these poor economic period? Regards, Rob

ft_idaho (22.5.2009, 21:07:28)

I inquired at the store. In general, they are in a boom period, and are opening a second store. I believe parents are willing to invest in educational toys for their children. The manager also told me that the kits were selling - an encouraging sign.

Do you see many displays of ft in stores?

schnaggels (26.5.2009, 16:07:58)

Unfortunately not, to be honest I only now the direct shop at ft company by my own. Heard from some others but mainly we buy ft online via ebay stores, amazon or from a dealer during our conventions.