ft Sighting ITEA 2008

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
Hochgeladen am 29.2.2008, 10:12 von ft_idaho.  43 / 129

Schlagworte: PCS, Edventures, ITEA, 2008, Salt, Lake, City

These are ft sightings at the 2008 ITEA conference in Salt Lake City.

Google Translation: Diese sind ft Sichtungen in der ITEA-Konferenz 2008 in Salt Lake City.

schnaggels (3.3.2008, 12:11:15)

Hi Richard,

would it be possible to get a scan of the black catalog? Never saw this before here in Germany, any additional information available?

Thanks, Thomas

ft_idaho (4.3.2008, 22:09:15)

I have a request in for the brochure.