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ftComputing : Programme für die fischertechnik-Interfaces und -konstruktionskästen
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SiteMap and links to some english pages

The new ROBO TX Controllers are supported now. 

This page refers to version 3.0 with CFishFace / umFish30.DLL for the Intelligent Interface (COM) and the Universal Interface (LPT).  

In meantime there is a version 4.0 with CFishFace and umFish40.DLL v4.3.75.0 for the new Interfaces of the ROBO series (USB / COM / RF Datalink, ROBO Connect Box) and the Intelligent Interface (COM). English documentation umFish43e.PDF and a ZIP with the DLL and samples.


This site first is a german site, but if there is some interest for english pages I will try to translate the pages of interest. Some pages are already available in english : Functions of the parallel interface

VB Corner

An overview to the english pages and manual for programming with Visual Basic.

C/C++ Corner

This pages will give a short overview were C/C++ items are to be found (preferred english pages, but german too) and will give in addition some explanations to selected items. Best of it is the class CFishFace for use with VC++ 6.0. It comes with a nice (english) manual with many tips & trics.

Java Corner

Java Corner. Translation of the german version with english JavaDoc.html

In Addition a very interesting link to the fischertechnik page from Aegidius Plüs with a class library for the ROBO Interface : ch.aplu.ftcontroller. It is based on umFish40.DLL.


MSWLogo 6.5b (www.softronix.com) is supported by an LogoLib file based an umFish40.DLL. You need :

mswFish40.zip     the LogoLib file and some samples and the documentation mwsFish40e.pdf
mswFish40e.pdf  the documentation
umFish41.zip   the used umFish40.DLL and the FishPanel for testing puposes
umFish41e.pdf the english documentation for umFish40.DLL


All you need programming fischertechnik Interfaces with xBase

Programming with the Economatics SmartBox

Logo EconomaticsThe SmartBox of Economatic Education is delivered with the MS-DOS Software SmartMove. It contains an own programming language similar to Basic and a development environment for editing and debugging. There is no support for programming with a 32bitt Windows programming language.

A first step is done with the class FishSmartBox which contains the most of the basic functions for programming the SmartBox with Visual Basic or VBScript.

ROBO Pro Corner

ROBO Pro - Corner

The new fischertechnik ROBO Interface (german page) from 2004 is programmed in the graphical language ROBO Pro. Here a special ROBO Pro - Corner in english.


The download pages contain an english description

29.5.03 : umFish30.ZIP now contains an english manual

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DLLs and examples for the programming of the fischertechnik Interfaces with many programming languages


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