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Some Notes to ROBO Pro

ROBO Pro is a graphical Software for programming of fischertechnik Interfaces. ROBO Pro is the successor of LLWin. ROBO Pro can be used to program the ROBO Interface - extension included - in an online (connected to the PC) and a download (running on the processor of the interface) mode. In addition the Intelligent Interface - it extension module included - can be operated by ROBO Pro in the online mode. For testing purposes there is an simulation mode, for operating ROBO Pro programs without any interface. Specialy setting of I-Inputs can be done with the test panel of the ROBO Pro IDE.

ROBO Pro includes a level concept for offering more complex functions level by level. Level 1 contains an extract of functions similar to the old LLWin (no variables, but subprograms).
Level 2 offers parameters for the subprograms and some convenient tools : Painting, a Library (it may contain functions of level 3).
Level 3 makes a great break : Variables, a control flow (black lines) separate of a data flow (yellow lines) and in addition a great couple of functions for controling the program flow and for connection data.


The Welding Robot is one of the more complex models of the Computing Starter Kit. Here some programs for demostrating the different possibilties of programming, started with level 1 up to level 3.

The Welding Robot is used to as a vehicel for demonstrating the use of the Control Panel for a Robot TeachIn program.

The Airplane Merry-Go-Round is a nice thing to get damaged fingers if coming inside of the running model. Use a long cable for operating it. The program demonstrates different loop techniques.

For the fans of Stepper Motors here is a small library to operate them.

The more complex program Hanoi - member of the german series Hanoi Robots - the possibilities of level 3 are shown an explained. A special thing is the use of recursive programming.

On the page of the Stamping Machine there is a ROBO Pro solution too (in german).

A ROBO Pro solution for the model Taktstrasse (in german)

And a very nice Radar Tower with a hangar for old fashioned airplanes (in german).


The sources of the programs are contained in RoboPro.ZIP. Some of the model programs come with a special ZIP, that is noted on the model pages.

And the sample programs for the Tutorial below.



Tutorial : Programming Techniques, Industry Robots

Actual Version : Tutorial.PDF
and RoboProTT.ZIP (engl. PDF NOT included)

Update ( : 27.03.2005