Building at Boise State University

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
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PCS Edventures hosted a ft building room at Boise State University’s Science Extravaganza (2-2-08) as part of Discover Engineering. These are pictures of students constructing simple ft models.

(Google Translation) PCS Edventures Gastgeber einer ft Gebäude Zimmer in Boise State University’s Science Extravaganza (2-2-08) als Teil der Entdecken Engineering. Es sind Bilder von Studenten Bau von einfachen Modellen FT.

schnaggels (8.2.2008, 22:07:30)

Richard, please feel free to upload pictures up to 800 pixel in each direction next time :)

BTW, saw some ft videos on MySpace from PCS Edventures. Nice work!


ft_idaho (15.2.2008, 00:55:19)

Thank you. Just trying to keep the file sizes down. I have a lot of pictures!