Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
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Schlagworte: Boise, State, University, 2007

These robots were designed, created and built at Boise State University in Boise Idaho, Dec 2007.

schnaggels (20.12.2007, 21:47:15)

Looks interesting, never saw a ft robot with car base frame. Do you have more pictures?

Regards, Thomas

ft_idaho (21.12.2007, 00:41:51)

Yes, lots. The Engineering department held a competition yesterday, and I will be posting as I can. (Even made “photo of the week” at ) Thought to share. -R

schnaggels (21.12.2007, 21:58:17)

Thanks Richard, nice designs! Will post the link in our german fischertechnik forum to share the photos :)

If you have more details (used sensors and controllers mainly) please feel free to add here or later in our forum. English is also welcome there ;)

Thanx, Thomas

robvanbaal (29.12.2007, 20:33:53)

Hi Richard. I see you’re working hard to become the ft-guru of the US West Coast. Keep up the good work!

ft_idaho (15.2.2008, 00:57:34)

Thank you. Of course, I have a lot of practice ahead of me to catch up with you. I am planning on visiting in 2008 to meet with the experts!