Boise Bot Competion 2010

Konstruiert und fotografiert von Richard Mussler-Wright.
Hochgeladen am 10.10.2010, 12:29 von ft_idaho.  6 / 6

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These are images from the Boise Bot Competion 2010. We took second place!

robvanbaal (10.10.2010, 14:09:38)

I see many Lego bots in the arena. Too bad! I hope Lego didn’t beat you.

niekerk (10.10.2010, 23:28:04)

I see that this competition uses “relaxed” rules for the size, where the “original” Mini Sumo rules allow a max. width and length of 10 cm only. I do know that a few cm makes a lot of a difference here! At the convention 2010 in Erbes-Büdesheim I showed two mini sumo bots built almost completely out of fischertechnik. The oldest one had it’s own electronics, while at that time the smallest interrface was way too big; and the new one has a non-ft battery only. There’s some pictures of these Earlier pictures can be found here:

ft_idaho (11.10.2010, 06:45:50)

Rob=> None of the LEGO bots defeated the ft bot! We lost only to the homemade bot using a Parallax board. (We won the first heat, stalemated the second, and then lost the next two). Paul =>Thanks for sharing! Yes, the Discovery Center used relaxed rules. We could have built to a smaller footprint, but 15 cm was fun!