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Sun Orbit connect / deconnect 3 & ALU Profil connection

Beschreibung: Here you can see the gear just below the ALU profile that makes the connection to the top of the model.
Hinzugefügt am: 10.01.16 17:44
Konstrukteur: Richard van Wijk
Fotograf: Richard van Wijk
Hinzugefügt von: rvwijk

Autor: Kommentar:
15.01.16 16:42
Hello Richard,
why you put the Axis inside the Alu-Profil ?

Constructive Greetings
16.01.16 12:16
The ALU profil is used to fix the top gear (58 teeth). This gear is via a long chain connected to the earth/moon system to create the seasonal effect. As such, the top gear always needs to be fixed and should not turn at all (same as the bottom red plate of the 58 gear you see in this picture: the black part turns, the red part is fixed. For the top gear it is the other way around.
Since the center of the system is now occupied with an ALU profil I had to find a way to get the force into the whole system. The only way I could see was through the center hole in the ALU profil.
17.01.16 10:09
Ahh! Ok, Thx for the description.

Best Regards